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Before & After Care 

I will always recommend a silent treatment to allow you to relax and get the full benefit from your treatment.


I will check in with you to ensure you are comfortable and to check the pressure is good for you. 

To ensure you get the best from your treatments with me, I would recommend the following: 

How often should I have a treatment?

This is really up to you, how you feel and your budget.


Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing and healing treatment and can help with back pain, anxiety, stress, tummy troubles etc. It really is a great treatment to choose for healing to the whole body and pure relaxation. I have clients who have weekly, fortnightly and monthly treatments.

I offer evening and weekend appointments to ensure you can make time for yourself and be able to go home afterwards, relax and have the best nights sleep.

My treatments are an hour long to give you enough time to relax. 

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